Home, Freedom, Meaning

As an infinite sanctuary of honor, ARC100 is dedicated to complete every truest journey of life’s achiever. Creating a place you call home, where freedom to express brings meaning to life. Designed to the smallest detail in order to bring the new luxury living in its element of life.

Glimpse of Arc100

  • Strategically located at 102-106 Raya Gubeng road in the heart of Surabaya.
  • The most luxurious single building residence.
  • First class facilities and exciting resident amenities.
  • Unique architecture design.
  • Outstanding specifications, materials, branded appliances and sanitary ware.
  • Designed for wellness of life with vertical green landscape and pleasant airflow.

Innovation in Lifestyle

Every unit in ARC100 is designed with art & functionality in mind. Every corner and space took hours of planning and concepting. To make every detail more alluring. While offering comfortable harmony for a living.

Located in The Heart of Surabaya

3-Minute Drive
Basuki Rahmat Road
Raya Darmo Road
Kertajaya Road

10-Minute Drive
Dr. Ir.H.Soekarno Road-Merr
Ahmad Yani Road

20-Minute Drive
HR.Muhammad Road

30-Minute Drive
Juanda International Airport


A Dream That Inspires

Hermanto Tanoko

Starting from a dream for people, to build the future with people, Hermanto started life as a child who dreamed of bringing a positive impact to the world. As he grows up, he sees that vision comes brighter to 3 things, world, welfare and wisdom. Hermanto started bringing impact to the world from his family then to people around him. Welfare becomes his perspective for companies and customers he serves. Wisdom becomes the mindset that Hermanto always shares anytime whereas he meets people. ARC100 is one of the masterpieces for East Java. He sees ARC100 as a journey, a sanctuary and a home.

An Indonesian public developer Tanrise Property focused on high value real estate development. Tanrise Property committed to build through well planned concepts, high value investment and inspiring innovation for human life.